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After all, the loudest frogs are usually male and they sing to attract a female or declare their territorial boundaries. With no regular meter metre in UK to create a steady rhythm, each line is a special case due mainly to the way Emily Dickinson frames the syntax with her use of dashes -. Punctuation plays a role too. So it's a stop-start kind of conversational poem where iamb and anapaest combine with tetrameter and trimeter.

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The first line contains a declaration, the speaker boldly claiming that she is a nobody, a nonentity, which is a paradox in itself. How can a nobody end up in a poem, on show for all to see?

Star Wars, or the importance of being nobody – TOR MARIE

The exclamation mark only adds to the puzzle. Is the speaker excited to be a nobody? Or has she shocked herself by revealing that, yes, it's true, she confesses at last. Being a Nobody is preferable to being a Somebody.

And then the extraordinary reaching out to the reader in a child-like playful fashion. The speaker wants a secretive liaison, a private relationship which is a tongue-in-cheek partnership. And it must be kept quiet because if they get to know they'll broadcast it to the whole world! This is a comical take on the world of fame and celebrity.

But a later and more accurate published collection by R. Franklin in , based on the actual written manuscripts, returns the true fourth line:. What makes this poem so powerful is the fact that it resonates with a modern audience today.

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The cult of celebrity dominates the popular press and media; cultivating the right public persona is everything, the pressure to be a somebody, a perfect social being, is enormous. Emily Dickinson chose to contrast her Nobody of the first stanza with a Somebody, a frog, in the second, and used the adjective dreary to describe what it is to be a Somebody.

Frogs go public at mating time when the males gather to find a partner and establish territory, so whilst the action is instinctive it is still, to the speaker, dull and boring and vulgar. The tone is mocking - to be a Somebody, with a bloated ego, self-important, needing the admiration of the masses, is to be a bit of a loser. Ironically, this Nobody of the first stanza, in cahouts with the reader, is poking fun at the false pretence of those who parade their egos in open view, those who seek fame in a name. In some respects this poem reflects nothing but the naive thoughts of an introverted child locked up in an adult persona, having to come to terms with the outside world, where the extroverts live.

Being a Nobody is to shun the fifteen minutes of fame, to be wary of the negative influence of public opinion and to remain humble and not to rely on the masses for self-worth. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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The main theme is self-identity and all that goes with it. As individuals, are we content with our identities? What about privacy and the inner life? What about our role in society, our public persona?

What Happens When You're No One's Number One?

As in many of her poems, Emily Dickinson conjures up an unexpected surprise with the use of one little word - frog. She likens the Somebody to a frog, sat croaking all the time in the Bog. Frogs are one of the creatures that ranked high in the consciousness of the poet, as can be seen in this letter she wrote to her friend Mary Bowles: 'The frogs sing sweet - today - they have such pretty - lazy - times - how nice, to be a Frog!

Who are you? Are you — Nobody — too? How dreary — to be — Somebody!

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Further Analysis of I'm Nobody! First Stanza The first line contains a declaration, the speaker boldly claiming that she is a nobody, a nonentity, which is a paradox in itself. In an earlier revised version of the poem Johnson the fourth line reads: They'd banish us, you know. Franklin in , based on the actual written manuscripts, returns the true fourth line: Don't tell! Second Stanza What makes this poem so powerful is the fact that it resonates with a modern audience today. It was VERY stressful! This summer, I was unable to handle being Somebody any longer and had a breakdown and tried to return my life to Nobody status.

One of the things The Pathfinder asks is whether your current job allows you to be your authentic self. So glad you found the strength to take the mask off and find other sources of fulfillment outside of being a Somebody. Just because you were unable to maintain tour status does not mean that it was good for you to revert. Being a somebody is a skill. DNA has a huge part to play. I was mesmerized. What a powerful message. I like being a nobody too! Financial ritches can buy you all the rest of the ritches.

Money is key to happiness. Lying to yourself only shows your unwillingness to face reality. Bookmarked this for those moments when I see on Facebook that a high school classmate just made dean of a college or open linked in to see a former coworker 10 years younger than me just got a fancy new corner office. So thank you tons for this! It takes a conscious, intentional effort to keep yourself out of it. This is a big part of the work I do for myself and with my clients. My hope is that having a community here, that values personal growth and success, will provide a safe haven from the envy economy.

The moral of the story is that there’s nothing wrong with being a nobody.

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Here are 10 fabulous reasons to celebrate your Nobody status. Barbara Hammond on December 9, at pm. Jennifer Gresham on December 9, at pm. StephenN on November 24, at pm. All those examples are major league bull shit, it stunned me. Galen Pearl on December 9, at pm. Now I have to watch the video of the sacrificial gummy bear.

Jennifer Gresham on December 10, at pm. Angela on December 9, at pm. Me too, Angela! We may be Nobodies, but we are not alone! LOL Reply. Sandra Lee on December 10, at am. Nobodies unite! Wait, would that make us Somebodies?


Glad you enjoyed this Sandra! Dawn Lennon on December 10, at pm. Jennifer Gresham on December 13, at pm. Dawn, Truth be told, that was my favorite line too. Aileen on December 13, at am. Living the Balanced Life on December 15, at pm. Jennifer Gresham on December 16, at pm. Matty on December 18, at pm. Jennifer Gresham on December 19, at pm.

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