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I'm not sure what Aim is, but I can email you at the yahoo addy, yes? If not, please email me at witchhazelwidow gmail. Sorry about the formatting, I am still getting the hang of this site. I hope you will over look that. Prev Next. The point is that something has indeed happened. Now you are facing the aftermath.

How are you going to deal now that things are different? How can one moment change everything?

The Sun Loved the Moon....

I don't know how or why it happens but, I do know that it happens. Right now you need a friend. You need a shoulder to cry on and someone to depend on. You need someone who won't let you down. You need the sense of something familiar and calming. You need a hug don't you?

Maybe you did something wrong and lost out. Maybe someone hurt you. Maybe something horrible happened and you had no control over it. I don't know what happened because, even though we have decided to be friends, I don't know you. I can tell you this.

Love By the Moon Lyrics

You can make up for your mistakes. You can make up for your mistake. You can ask for forgiveness if you know you need to.

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You can also forgive someone t. The Gugabluck The Gugabluck lives in the ocean blue. He pops out to bother you. Or maybe he lives in the trees to tall.

Myths and Legends

Actually, he can live any where at all! He comes in colors blue, purple or green. Being rather not nice, he is often mean. His temper is wild He has rarely ever smiled. He has no friends, which is sad. This is why the Gugabluck can get so mad! So, if you see him ask him to stay.

How the sun loved the moon on We Heart It

Tell him you would like to play. The Gugabluck is a sad sort. He never learned manners, as children should be taught. What will you do with this monstrous little guy? Teach him manners and kindness by and by.

Tell Me the Story of How the Sun Loved the Moon So Much, He Died Every Night to Let Her Breathe

In doing so, you will lift ignorance's lid. You see, inside the Gugabluck is a little kid. If I could write a song of what is in my soul it would be breath taking. If I could take a photograph of my hopes and dreams,it would change the world.

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If I could create a sculpture of my morals it would be tall and elegant. If I could make a theatrical production of my life, you would see my inner being. If I could do an interpretive dance of my fears, you would see my darkness. If I could make my joys into jewels for you,you would sparkle. If I could write a storey to show you who I am, it would be a best seller. I can not paint a picture of the goodness in my heart. I can not sing out what is in my soul. I can not make my morals into sculptures. My life is not a show on the stage. I can not dance to show my fear. However, there are some things I can do.

I can show you in my heart by loving you and accepting your lo. No Pressure All systems say go. It's now or never baby! Hold your breath. Get ready. You can do it kiddo! Get it right. Do or die! This is it. Don't loose your chance Don't mess up! You only get one shot.

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Go for the goal! It's all riding on you. We are counting on you. Go you! Don't chicken out! Be all that you can be. Don't let us down.