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This book is mostly about hip hop and not too much about Eminem. I'm having a hard time getting thro Entanglements Ebooks Base.


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Jaguin's Love. Bonded by Accident. Evangeline Anderson. Deep, Hard, and Rough. Resisting Rachel. Angela Castle. Tempting Tara. Give in, obey. Dismissing the thought she continued to glare. At least her mouth still worked.

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The satisfied triumphant smile on his fishy lips made her fight the control collar harder, causing herself even more searing agony. I know you are new and training does take time. I have important visitors coming and wish to show off my most prized pet. He slid his hand into her hair, curling her rich red copper strands around it. I shall be the envy of every delegate in the room. The fish man and all the other fish aliens had an obsession with colourful things.

Splashes of colour were everywhere on his ship. He dressed himself in multi-coloured clothes. He had even dressed Ruby in a red jewelled corset top, which sparkled every time she moved, and a very short beaded skirt which reminded her more of a dangling lamp shade fringe than a skirt. Everything else was bare. Which made her extremely self-conscious of all her skin showing; at a size eighteen, there was a lot of her to show, but that was what fish man wanted. Display her milk pale skin, spotted with pale pink freckles.

Servants came in twice a day to brush out her waist length hair, and make sure she was bathed and clothed. Every time she protested, hurled verbal abuse and fought them. They quickly paralysed and silenced her. She guessed the aliens had no preference in the size or weight of the women they had abducted along with her.

Sadly, like Ruby, they too had been auctioned off to the highest bidder. She shuddered to think what was happening to the other women. When she had awoken, they were far from Earth and the measly life she once called her own. Her temper flared remembering how all sixteen women had been kept in small wire cages for days on end, with only water.

She let out a breath, relaxed her shoulders and uncurled her fists. Unable to talk she glared and at the same time nodded.

But she had to take it, had to survive. There had to be a way out of this mess. One way or the other, she was determined to find it. Abducting their love. They get much more than they bargained for when they meet his female pet Ruby. She's gorgeous, fiery, and everything they desire. Only problem is she belongs to the ambassador, but not for long, if they have any say in the matter.

Ruby was kidnapped from Earth and sold as a pet, but she does everything in her power to make her new owner's life miserable. This is a heart pounding romance that will make you yearn for an alien man of your own! The action in this story really heats things up.

The characters were thrown into a few scrapes that had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen. I also couldn't help but cheer for these amazing characters that captured my heart along the way. Ruby is a tough, stubborn, and noble woman who fights for what she believes in. I loved that she didn't let her circumstances get her down.

She was basically a slave, but did her best to fight it instead of giving in. She knew how to take care of herself and that was good since she would need all of that fiery spirit to handle these men. The brothers were sexy and very persuasive.

source site I couldn't help, but fall in love with them myself. They were also amazing men who fought for what they wanted. Each of them had a unique personality that really added some spice into the relationship between them and Ruby. I had a great time seeing them convince Ruby that she belonged with them.

Out of this world romance! Bir and Zay along with Tev and Niz came together as the Fire Bond brothers after both sets lost half of their birth quads. Now all they need to complete their unconventional family is their sheraz. Ruby MacTavish can't believe that she's been kidnapped from Earth and sold as a pet of all things to a fish-faced alien ambassador. As soon as the brothers see Ruby, they are all drawn to her and can easily see that she is not a willing pet. But they also know that it's best to get to know her first and bide their time until their contract to protect the ambassador is complete.